Round Label S


Round Label Press


The SCHULZE Roundlabel S is equipped with two round base plates. Optionally, exchangeable work plates 100 x 60 mm and 80 x 40 mm are available. The SCHULZE Roundlabel S has a magnetic closure mechanism that automatically opens the press after the pre-set time.


The press electronics include a pre-press function, with which you can briefly pre-press textiles before the press procedure. After the press procedure, the pre-set press time is automatically activated. This function can also be used to repress. With this press, you will save energy, as it is equipped with an ECO-module. If the press is not used for longer than 30 minutes, the temperature of the heating plate sinks by 50 °C. Should the press not be used for a further 60 minutes, the heating plate will be switched off.