Big O Lite 70 x 90cm


Big - o - Lite


The world’s first SCHULZE large format heat-press with exchangeable heat- and base-plates.


This press does not require compressed air or a separate electrical connection. Owing to the cleverly devised load equalisation there is no need for tools to exchange the heat- or base-plates within seconds. Due to the use of membrane-base-plates you can finish items with button tabs, zippers and raised logos without any problems. Because of the modular construction you can fit the SCHULZE Big-O-Lite through any normal sized door. Equipped with electronic temperatureand time-control nothing can get in the way for high-quality sublimation transfers.


Thanks to the integrated energy saving function this press, as well as many other SCHULZE heatpresses, contributes to the concept of environmental responsibility. That’s easy on the wallet as well as on the environment. If desired the Big-O-Lite will reduce the temperature of the heat-plate by 50°C after 30 minutes of inactivity and consequently switch off the press after another 30 minutes later.