Forever Stamping Foil - Pattern Colours

2016-05-17 14:33:53
2016-05-18 09:28:58
Weave silver
Weave Gold
Weave Red
Cubism Gold
Cubism Silver
Glitter Red
Glitter Silver
Orange Glitter
Glitter Kiwi
Confetti Violet
Confetti Kiwi
confetti Gold
Confetti Silver
Confetti Orange
Carbon Fiber Rose
Carbon Fiber Silver
Carbon Fiber Red
Rainbow Blue
Jelly Bean
Rainbow Pink
Sequins Silver
Sequins Gold
Marble Blue
Marble Red
Dust Silver
Dust Gold
Finishing with Hot Stamping Foil
Add value to your garment with a special finish

Please download the swatch card PDF above to see more accurate colour representations before choosing your colour.

After you have transferred your image to your garment, you can then follow a simple 3rd step and add a special finish to the design.

Foil will only stick to where there is toner on the shirt so there's NO CUTTING & NO WEEDING!

Available in rolls 30cm wide x 12m - Over 50 colours available

Click here for Standard Colours