A3 Forever Flex Soft

2016-04-22 16:10:17
2016-05-18 09:24:29
Royal Blue
Jade Green
A3 Forever Flex-Soft (No Cut)
Packs include both A Foil and B Paper
The Ultimate Vinyl Garment Film Alternative

* Use with a standard Black or white laser printer.
* Print single colour artwork with no weeding limitations onto any colour garment.
* Available in 16 different colours; matt colour, fluorescant & metalic finish

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This is a two paper system:

1) Print on to your A foil with your printer.
2) Press the A foil onto the B paper to apply glue.

Removing the B paper will leave a white glue atached to the toner on the A foil colour paper giving you a single colour transfer ready to print onto any colour textile or product.

It couldn't be easier