Design Shop Pro Embroidery Design System,Top Level Software

2013-03-27 09:58:50

The Most Productive Embroidery Design Software Ever Made.


Design Shop Pro Embroidery Design System,Top Level Software - DesignShop V9 includes amazing industry changing digitizing and production features.


New digitizing features include the UnaFill splicer. This will allow users to splice multiple directions of fill stitches for one object. Auto underlay has been added with multiple choices of underlay styles for any digitized object or font. Objects will maintain color properties so that copying and pasting will not require re-sequencing of colours. The Vector Graphics to Embroidery Assistant allows easy point and click conversion of any vector file to be digitized in seconds.

New production tools include fabric profiles that allow users to save design information, such as stitch densities, to specific fabrics or apply fabric profiles to specific designs. Also, design information may now be printed with bar codes. Use a bar code reader at anytime to recall the design, eliminating the need to search for design files on hard drives or disks.

Choose from Four Levels, Upgrade at any time!


DesignShop Pro+ - Everything you need for professional-quality digitizing, lettering, editing and sizing. Full-featured design software including vector graphics.
DesignShop Pro - Complete digitizing, lettering, editing and sizing capabilities with auto digitizing.
DesignShop - Full scale lettering, editing and sizing with basic digitizing. Ideal for embroiderers who want basic-to-advanced capabilities.
DesignShop Lite - Affordable lettering capabilities for the beginner and enthusiast.


Loaded with bold new features...DesignShop gives you all the POWER TOOLS.

Convert nearly any piece of artwork into digital embroidery files with ease. DesignShop has powerful vector capabilities that perform quick conversion-to-stitches with the ability to customize. You can also change stitches to vector files on-screen without using another program or switching to another screen.


No more hassles with lettering!
DesignShop takes lettering to the next level with features like control point editing, expanded stitch editing and automatic borders. DesignShop features sophisticated lettering capabilities for all embroidery alphabets as well as true type conversions. You can even create your own alphabets.


Scale, rotate, align, group and revise your design at the click of the mouse. DesignShop features the latest editing tools, plus advanced expanded stitch editing, auto sequence, auto lock stitch editing and many more.


What you see on screen is what you get with your embroidery.
DesignShop allows you to work in various view modes to see stitches, colors and final output simulations. The screen/project view gives you a pre-embroidery look at the finished product. DesignShop also has a unique appliqué feature (the first in the industry) that lets you display the appliqué pieces in a fabric on-screen for a realistic view of the complete design.


Send your designs directly to your embroidery machine, then watch as it sews the highest-quality designs based on your DesignShop input.


DesignShop has powerful vector capabilities that perform quick conversion-to-stitches with the ability to customize. You can also change stitches to vector files on-screen without using another program or switching to another screen. power tools


All New - Bar Code Creation
Now you can easily create design information that can be scanned directly into your AMAYA XT using a bar code scanner. This new feature includes:


  • Operators can use with no computer experience

  • Create tomorrows work today

  • Never reprogram the same design again

  • And much more


Intuitive interface and Easy to use Interface - familiar Windows environment make DesignShop easy to operate.


Fancy Stitches
Level: All
Design unique fashion trends by combining AMAYA XT and DesignShop to create Fancy Stitches. No extra machine accessories necessary.

Enhanced Vector Conversion
Level: DesignShop Pro Plus


  • Automatically opens a vector in wireframe
  • Convert stitches to vector or vector to stitches on screen
  • Read in .ai (ver.2-8), save out as .eps
  • Convert to Bezier in a graphics program that uses Bezier curves
  • Copy any design in Adobe or Corel Draw programs and paste it into DesignShop where it can be automatically converted into an embroidery file.


Custom Fills
Level: DesignShop Pro Plus, limited in Pro


  • Customize any fill by adding a single shape or many shapes once or custom repeat
  • Allows these shapes to be satin, fills holes, or user defined splits


Appliqué Tool
Level: DesignShop Pro Plus


  • Allows parts or whole designs or graphics to be converted into appliqué
  • Shows material layers in appliqué
  • Provides a cut line export for cutters
  • Includes a property page User Defined


Level: DesignShop Pro Plus


  • Allows an alphabet to be edited and saved or a new alphabet to be punched and used.
  • Allows a new punched alphabet to be exported and integrated into DesignShop (does not include serialized alphabets)


Drop Shadow Effect
Level: DesignShop Pro Plus


  • Add a drop shadow to any element or design


Stitch Direction Lines
Level: DesignShop Pro and Pro Plus


  • Switch between wireframe points and stitch direction lines to set the direction of the stitches


Cross Stitch
Level: DesignShop Pro Plus


  • Change a graphic into a cross stitch design
  • Allows manual punching of cross stitch


Edge Fill
Level: DesignShop Pro Plus


  • This is a stitch type that will follow the contour of the object.


Custom Shapes/ Custom Design
Level: DesignShop Pro Plus


  • Save a shape (stitch or vector) for future use
  • Save and use an entire design


Design Database
Level: All


  • Conveniently stores design information in a user-friendly database


Templates/Step and Repeat
Level: DesignShop and higher


  • Make a template from a step and repeat design


Group Names/ Step and Repeat
Level: DesignShop and higher


  • Allows group names to work with step and repeat


Advanced Copy/Paste
Level: DesignShop Pro and Pro Plus


  • Allows for an element to be copied then pasted at different sizes and angles


Photo Fill
Level: DesignShop Pro Plus


  • Automatically converts a photo into stitches


Stitch Estimator
Level: DesignShop Pro and Pro Plus


  • Gives a quick estimate of how many stitches are in the design
  • Automatically calculates the cost
  • Allows global stitch count adjustments according to the pricing parameters


Element Numbering
Level: DesignShop and higher


  • Provides a numeric reference for elements, which will help the user reference where an element is in the design


Larger Enter and Exit Point Symbols
Level: DesignShop and higher


  • Easy view of entry points and exit points on elements of a design and also shows last stitch on prior element


Enhanced True Type Font Converter
Level: DesignShop and higher


  • Improved true type font conversion, especially with small lettering


AMAYA Color Sequence Ability
Level: All


  • Allows DesignShop to set up color sequence for the AMAYA embroidery machine